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  • Published on 10th October, 2013  

    Mum and Baby Duo

    Check out Keti and Luisa-Lee who took part in Glade. Congradluations to them also check them out on Orcon.
    Here is a link to the video: Glade

  • Published on 08th October, 2013  

    Miss Universe New Zealand

    Congratulations to our top 3: Holly Michelle CassidyKylee Tanand Deborah Lambie.
    Photo by official Miss Universe New Zealand photographer Neil Gussey.

    The winner is: Holly Michelle Cassidy from Auckland. Congratulations to the new Miss Universe New Zealand! Now THAT was a show!.
    Photo by official Miss Universe NZ photographer, Neil Gussey.

  • Published on 01st October, 2013  

    Comments of Talents

    Comments from Vicky who took part in the Breast Cancer NZ TV

    Viki "Good morning Karthik,
    Yes I have seen the advertisement and feel very proud and privileged to represent the women of New Zealand.  Thank you for putting me forward.

    Kind regards


    Have a Look at John's and Vicky Profile

    Click to view: John & Vicky

    Here is a link to the TV Commercial Breast Cancer 

  • Published on 26th September, 2013  

    Comments of a Vibrant and outgoing lady

    Comments from Lemoe who took part in the Breast Cancer NZ TV

    Lemoe "Talofa BestModels,
    Thanking you so much BestModels I am speechless to be honest.I really wanted to thank you form all the bottom of my heart.It looks so amazing thank you so much I can't thank you enough.
    I am doing our measurement before Friday I have been so busy my sister is getting married on Friday. My daughter is very proud of me hahaha and it gives her a lot more confidence to do commercial on TV hehe.
    I pray to God for his blessing on you and your family.Take good care and hope you are doing well.

    Kindest Regards"

    Have a Look at Lemoe's Profile

    Click to view: Lemoe

    Here is a link to the TV Commercial Breast Cancer

  • Published on 04th September, 2013  

    Breast Cancer NZ Campaign

    Ladies oozing with Confidence was required for this Campaign. Fom our lovely ladies who auditioned more than half got the part.  Great job Victoria, Saras and Lemoe.  Could not ask for a better group of ladies. 

  • Published on 09th July, 2013  

    BNZ TVC - TV Commercial

    Gorgeous Riya auditioned twice for roles in the commercial.  Little Foziah was another auditionee.

  • Published on 14th June, 2013  

    Tower Insurance TVC - TV Commercial

    Good job Fauzia for giving it a go at her audition for this commercial.  

  • Published on 05th June, 2013  

    HPA TVC (Health Promotional Agency) - TV Commercial

    John auditioned as "Doctor".  Good effort John! Its not always easy with dialogue.

  • Published on 01st June, 2013  

    The Warehouse - Toy Tester TVC - TV Commerical

    Good job to Trent for getting a role in the cast of this commercial.  Not to mention, siblings Khalil and Aryi got to audition together.

  • Published on 27th May, 2013  

    Toyota Camry TVC - TV Commercial

    Little Riley gave his best for his audition on this commercial.

  • Published on 05th May, 2013  

    Co-Op Bank TVC - TV Commercial

    These lovely talents gave it go for the Co-Op Bank TVC roles. 

  • Published on 13th April, 2013  

    Z Energy TVC - TV Commercial

    Fantastic talents who auditioned for the Z Energy TVC.  The experienced actor Rishi scored the role of "Manpreet".

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